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Forfeit, I do resign
Are you feeling better?
Taking to use the rind
There is no disillusion
I will make it all mine
To which that I feel is right
Give me a sign so that I know that this is not all wrong

Lucid, we were asleep
Not complicated, we were so naked

I am at the mercy of a situation
And I cannot believe that it’s me
I am the one that is deceiving
As you were leaving
And I cannot stop and I will not go to your static
You’re still
All the time in the world will never fix the fact that this is broken

Lucid, we were asleep
Not complicated, we were so naked
I am at the…

Through the eyes of a tree, I wish I could see
I’ll define what is right
I will see what is wrong
Stationed in the ground
It is the light that makes me strong

The world fell, due to the equivalence
Does it make sense?
Individual significance
You give a little, take a lot
Premature, you look too far
Picking at the scab, I’m developing these scars
Objective, reflective, I’m standing so hollow
I’m finding myself, man, in everything we wallow
It’s the pleasures you weather, it’s the pain that you give
Finding myself in a life I can’t live

Lucid, I was asleep
All you have to do is ask
And I would compromise

One life, too fast
One chance, get tripped
Too many, one more
Two more, just slipped
One list, too hard
One stuck, broke spine
Living in the noise

Developed, embellished
Preoccupied, justified
Everything that you wanted baby, prepared and underlined
It’s the resources, enslave, wholesale, close your eyes
I’m feeling the apathy

Lucid, I was asleep
All you had to do is ask
And I would compromise

Power, absolute of human time
Power, ideals we kill and purify
Power, what you seek and never find
Dirty, dilated, demise, I am the middle man
Power, what you strive and never see
Power, an epiphany to what’s free
Now on my deathbed to die

Human is heathen
Don’t give me a reason
I don’t want your excuses
It is the breath of my being
Withering away
I do not have a say
Give me the chance and I promise
I’ll do everything that I can to unfetter these chains

Are you feeling better?
Taking to use of all the rind
No disillusion, I’m breaking the cycle to everything that
Feels so wrong
You’re not right
All the money in the world will never reimburse everything that has been taken

Lucid, we were asleep
Not complicated, we were so naked
I am at the….

Forfeit I do resign


from Back to Life, track released September 9, 2014
Written by Nate Dodge. Recorded, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Nate Dodge & Andra Taylor.

Guitar, Vocals, Backups, Porch Board, Nord Lead: Nate Dodge

Lap Snare: Andra Taylor


all rights reserved



Andra Taylor & Nate Dodge Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In 2012, Philadelphia-based duo, Andra Taylor & Nate Dodge packed up their instruments, sold everything they owned and moved into a bus. They toured the country non-stop for 3 years, merging her Indie/Americana with his Progressive/Alternative as a collaborative effort. In 2016 Taylor and Dodge continue their musical journey under the band name Pit Folk. Visit: for info. ... more

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